To survive 2020 we had the tools!

2020 the apocalypse.. or not?

Literally after the apocalypse we stand back in this new space visually the sunshine’s through our massive windows light cent raise of golden sun shine on our raw industrial floor and I think to myself what the you know what just happened. 2020 how could it even be real we all know this is life changing after being flooded out of our shop on 24 Tasman Terrace becoming iconic for our live Facebook blog which was aired on South Aussie for Cozi the destruction of 17 years of hard work was incredibly confronting. Within 30 hours Of the flood the blessing of the universe had already relocated us next door literally we built a bridge across the muddy waters and began the build in the reinforced structure of the ethical kitchen in an incredible 100 year old building with the perfect energy to reinvent ourselves. We all change over time we have the habit to cling  to old patterns of Comfort.
Then it happen the COVID-19 universally Disarmed  existence as we know it if we thought we had suffered a loss during the flood our reality has been tested beyond any conceivable ideal of our lifestyles as we know it. 
Conspiracy, government control, we all stand divided most important message to bring home to the children is to research information stay in formed but love. The saying to divide and conquer is so relevant today as it was in war. There is art to war and that art Is you. The power of thinking is you. A collective consciousness that supports nature is what we believe is imperative during these times as our ethics, our livelihoods, lifestyles and relationships are tested beyond all measure. One thing remains true thoughts become things and it’s within those thoughts that we can take back to power, attend to the details and form and culture ourselves as a community. The culturing of our local community is what we have seen shine through. We believe you are regenerating Fertilising and strengthening and we are doing this together with you and Nat dear friends is our business purpose and the purpose of my personal life time. Grateful beyond all measure for each and every connection we are love.
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