Geoorganics mineral rich toothpaste

Georganics Natural Mineral-Rich Toothpaste English Peppermint

A fantastic zero-waste and refreshing way of brushing your teeth. This toothpaste contains English Peppermint Essential oil to help fight anaerobic bacteria in your mouth that may cause gum disease. This mineral-rich formula is made from certified organic, vegan ingredients without the glycerine, fluoride and SLS. 

Packaged in recyclable glass, aluminium lid and compostable box with a bamboo spatula so you're keeping your teeth and the planet healthy at the same time!

60ml for 1 person brushing twice a day approximately lasts 4 weeks.

Certified Cruelty Free & Vegan. 

Georganics was founded in London in 2014. Alessandro, the Founder, began to formulate his own toothpaste for him and his friends and the brand grew and grew. Now they make mouthwash, tooth powder and more. They also focus on being zero waste using recyclable and non-plastic packaging.


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