Natural Rubber Soother

Protect your little one with a Natural Rubber Soother.

Natural Rubber Soothers are made up of a single piece of natural rubber which means they don’t have joints (to avoid the teat separating that can lead to choking) so are extremely durable. Compared to its silicone counterpart that can rapidly tear once the surface has been damaged and can become a dangerous choking hazard, the Natural Rubber Soother is a safer option.

Unlike some dummies on the market the Natural Rubber Soother shield does not leave marks on baby’s faces due to the high level of elasticity of natural rubber. The size of the shield also prevents babies from squeezing the soother into their mouths.

Made from a single piece of 100% pure Natural Rubber crafted from the sap of a Hevea Brasiliensis tree. The natural rubber used to make our Soothers and Teethers comes from a manufacturer in Malaysia that values both sustainability and the environment. Through them we ensure the natural rubber is sustainable by replanting rubber trees and investing in research and development.

On top of their environment policy our supplier has a water treatment plant to clean up its processed water before discharging the water, meeting the standards of the Malaysian Department of Environment regarding public water ways. To ensure little waste they also recycle their waste by selling it to other manufacturers who convert the waste to a lower grade rubber, for example the production of rubber floor mats used in public parks & playgrounds.


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