Organic blue spirulina

This Blue Spirulina is 98% Phycocyanin, the antioxidant blue pigment in spirulina. It is a very fine, vivid blue powder that can be added to smoothies, juices and raw foods. Blue spirulina has a pleasant, natural flavour and aroma.t can help boost the immune system, increase energy and may improve digestion. This magical superfood will add a pop of vibrant blue to your food creations. Blend it into your smoothies, breakfast bowls, lattes and more! NOTHING ADDED! JUST 1 INGREDIENT!

How to Use:

As this powder is so concentrated only the smallest amount is required to add brilliant colour and natural goodness to recipes.

Add between 1/2 to 1 gram of blue spirulina extract, just the tip of a teaspoon, to smoothies or fresh juice, sprinkled over breakfast bowls, or stirred into your favourite yoghurt.

Phycocyanin can also be added to raw snacks. Try a little in energy balls, slices and chia puddings. Or add sparingly to salads, wraps, sushi or rice paper rolls.

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