Bio Flex Detangler Brush 'Bass Brushes'

Bass Brushes introduces the B I O - F L E X. A family of detangling brushes with stunning shapes and made from a truly break-through plant-based material.


The lightweight yet durable handle is made from 100% compressed vegetable starches - making it certified 95% bio-degradable. And when discarded into organic conditions, the handle will break down into a natural fertilizer.


The B I O – F L E X is a result of our continued effort to use natural, sustainable materials while still ensuring luxury and the quality you’ve come to expect.


This brush comes in 3 beautiful finishes – Green Leaf, Pink Leaf & Teal Swirl. Each brush is anatomically contoured to provide maximum comfort and superior results. The soft pins flex while brushing to reduce pulling & detangle the hair with minimal effort. It is great in for wet or dry detangling and pairs beautifully with your other Bass Brushes.


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