Vegan Chocolate Squares

 Almond Chocolate Crunch

This delicious chocolate is full of crunchy roasted almonds, covered in smooth cashew milk chocolate, and packed with plant-based energy. 

The Ashaninka community grows their cacao deep in the Amazon. They are the traditional custodians of the forest and are under constant pressure from outsiders wanting to cut down trees. By harvesting their regeneratively grown cacao they preserve both their beautiful culture and the rainforest itself. By buying this bean to bar chocolate you help Ashaninka grow more cacao. 

White Chocolate

This yummy white chocolate is a creamy, simple, light vanilla made using only clean plant-based ingredients. 

In the village houses of tropical Java, Indonesia, Golden Coconut Nectar has been hand-harvested and home processed by the Islands' people for generations. We use the lightest version of this mineral-rich nectar for our golden White Chocolate Bar.

Salted Caramel Chocolate

Combining this nectar with whole cashews, coconut, and cacao butter, we have created this caramel chocolate. to this we've added pink lake salt from Victoria, Australia, harvested by the five peoples of the Wotjobaluk nation.

In the village houses of tropical Java, Indonesia, golden coconut nectar has been hand harvested and home processed by the islands’ people for generations.

Crunchy Mint Dark Chocolate Truffle 

Deep in the Peruvian Amazon grows an heirloom Criollo Cacao, cultivated today, as it has been for generations, in harmony with the biodiversity of the Amazon jungle. this 72% cacao chocolate bar has a mellow, almost brownie like flavour. we infuse it with organic peppermint essential oil to give it a crisp, fresh bite, enhanced by a crunchy hit of cacao nibs.


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