Doggy waste bag biodegradable and compostable

These black, BioBag Compostable Dog Waste Bags are made from sustainable and fully compostable plant starch and are an easy, environmentally friendly and discreet way to pick up after your pooch wherever you go.

Compliant with the Australian Standard for compostability, they will break down into soil fertiliser and plant food when added to active home compost systems and commercial systems (green bin collections), and will even break down in landfill (but always compost, if possible!).

Ideal for individuals or for placing in dog parks, community areas and public spaces, BioBag Compostable Dog Waste Bags are available in a Box of 40Made in Estonia. Certified Compostable AS4736 (Australia), EN13432 (Europe) & ASTMD6400 (US),
Palm Oil-free


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