Eden Health Foods Bee Pollen

Premium Wildcrafted Western Australian Bee Pollen is raw and sun-dried, and ethically harvested from bees collecting pollen from seasonal blooms from native Western Australian trees. These trees are located in the remote WA eucalyptus forests, not found near towns or cities or industry of any sort. The unique blossoms provide a valuable source of pollen and nectar, which is very sweet and tastes incredible!


*For our vegan consumers who don’t approve of this product, we completely understand and some of our staff were against stocking this product, however these are harvested free of chemicals and is collected by the worker bees who collect more pollen then the hive needs. Bee keepers are able to ethically harvest the surplus pollen granules as the bees pass through a mesh trap. Eden Health Foods donates 10% of all profits directly to humanitarian, health education and medical missionary work around the world. Please see their website www.edenhealthfoods.com.au for more information. 


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