Solid Shampoo for Dogs 'Ethique'

We recently asked our fans for some furry models, but why? It wasn’t just for the joy of looking at them all (although, there was a lot of joy), but because we’re expanding our pet range! Our furry friends may be self-cleaning, but every now and then we need to give them a good scrub down.  Bow Wow has been our sole dog (and horse) shampoo bar for years, and it’s worked a treat with neem, oatmeal and coconut oil for soft fur, lots of bubbles, and a yummy smell.And now we’ve added two more!

Is your pooch a bit smelly but hates bath time? No more struggling with bottles, lids & pump tops that get jammed full of dried shampoo with our easy to use shampoo bar for dogs & horses.

Bow Wow bar will leave your dog sweet smelling, soft and fluffy with the combination of neem, teatree, oatmeal & coconut oil. It also helps with skin problems, fungal infections & fleas. Lavender helps with the sensitive skinned & our unique shampoo is pH balanced for dogs to leave fur soft & shiny.

Because cats are sensitive to essential oils, we do not recommend using Bow Wow to wash your cat. Try Shampooch instead.

Tested on humans of course. 

Shampooch (we’re still snickering over that one) is for our super-sensitive, itchy-skinned furry pals out there. Shampooch is also safe for cats (for those of you brave enough to make the attempt) – cats don’t cope well with essential oils and this bar is completely fragrance-free. 

As with all our shampoo bars, Shampooch is soap free, pH balanced (for dogs more neutral skin), and still delivers the equivalent of three bottles of liquid shampoo (1.1L).


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