Organic Sprouted Bread 'Pure Life Bakery'

 We believe in real food – rich in nutrients and free from additives, chemicals and GMO’s.

We produce our breads by imitating the natural sprouting process of seeds in nature. Rather than using a flour, our breads are made from sprouted whole grains and seeds. When we unlock the nutrients available in our food through sprouting, we make it easier for our bodies to digest and use those nutrients to increase our energy, boost our immune system, regulate hormones, improve gut health and so much more.

Our process is simple but takes time and patience to perfect. The result is easily digestible, nutrient and flavour dense bread that’s actually good for you.

Made in Yamba, NSW using 100% Australian biodynamic ingredients.

Cultivated since approximately 5000 BC, spelt is an ancient, unhybridised grain. It is believe to be one of the first grains used to make bread. Our Spelt loaf, with just one ingredient and an impressive nutritional profile, is easily digestible due to being very water soluble. It boasts a smooth texture with a delightfully sweet and nutty flavour.
Ingredients: Certified biodynamic spelt sprouted with filtered water (100%).

Multiseed With Hemp
Nutritious super seeds including pepitas, sunflower seeds, millet and hemp seeds are added to sprouted wheat. The result is a crunchy textured loaf packed with delicious flavours and nutrients.
Ingredients: Wheat* sprouted with filtered water, sunflower seeds^, pepitas^, millet^, rolled oats^, hemps seeds^ (1%).
* Biodynamic ^Organic

Sunflower Sourdough 
Sprouted sunflower kernels and sprouted khorasan grain are combined to a sourdough culture to undergo fermentation during preparation. This further increases the digestibility of the sprouts and promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria. The result is a lighter-textured loaf which delivers a unique nutty and slightly tart flavour. Toasting greatly enhances the natural flavours.
Ingredients: Certified organic khorasan and sunflower seeds (5%) sprouted with filtered water, sourdough culture fed with certified organic sprouted khorasan.

Essene Supreme
Our classic blend of sprouted wheat and sprouted rye delivers dense coarse textures with nutty flavours.
Ingredients: Certified biodynamic wheat and rye sprouted with filtered water.


Made in Yamba, NSW using at least 98% Australian biodynamic and organic ingredients.



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