Organic blue spirulina


  • Spirulina (also known as phycocyanin) is a natural product purified from Spirulina, a blue-green algae. It is outrageously vibrant in colour. 
  • A powerful antioxidant
  • Full 5 Star health rating (Australian Government initiative)
  • Low in calories and rich in protein and nutrients
  • Has high anti-inflammatory properties
  • Is anti-tumorous as it can suppress the growth of a variety of tumor cell lines
  • Protects and detoxifies the liver & enhances the body's immune system
  • With its abundance of B vitamins, Blue Spirulina powder can also enhance your energy levels
  • Combination of nutrients will increase your energy levels while supplying many of the minerals and trace elements that your body needs to function at peak efficiency
  • A great source of healthy, plant-based iron
  • Ounce for ounce, spirulina contains twelve times the digestible protein as beef, with a much better balance of minerals


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