T.J Clark Colloidal Silver (Ag) 200ml

T.J. Clark Colloidal Silver is manufactured with Ecovortex Energised Water with all-natural ingredients.

Colloidal silver is a solution of microscopic particles of silver suspended in water. It is used to support the body's immune system and natural defences to support natural healing.

At a concentration of approximately 10ppm this colloidal silver suspension is of superior quality, carefully manufactured under strict guidelines.

Creating a colloidal form of silver converts the elemental metal into a form suitable for ingestion as a supplement, or topical use.

When used topically Colloidal Silver helps prevent the spread of bacteria it can be used by the whole family, including pets. It can be applied directly to the affected area to support healthy tissue repair and cell turnover.

Free from chemicals, stabilisers and additives.


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