I can do it! I’ve only just started!

 Reinventing yourself at 45 ! I had to. I was divorced, had 2 kids , I had saturated a decreasing market . It was either take all my courage and push through all my fear or sit back and ignore my instincts. Opening Eyre Imports in 2003,  in a little country town called Port Lincoln, South Australia, was the beginning of believing I had something to offer the world outside of the career path I had been following. I moved from a very high stress career in Sydney where I was earning good money but I wasn’t driving my ethics , morals and values in any place but back to inside myself.

When I first moved to Port Lincoln I went straight into the health care system, but I found myself at night coming home reflecting and feeling powerless. When I first opened  the doors in Eyre imports, I was filled with pride for sticking to my values and morals, sweat shop free, vegan fashion,  ethical humanitarian values & introducing new products that would also pay homage to the elders that created the foundations for village life in the first place.  The shop went well, it was profitable and aesthetic, but deep down I often felt like my audience was still coming for the material and not for moral.  I still wasn’t satisfied that my consciousness was being heard, that my preaching was very interesting and that my values were not driving the sales in any way shape or form. I realised that a need for materialism was often an escape for people.... an outlet  to the inner wellness, a moment of reflection outside themselves , whereas I deeply wanted to  reflect within. It soon became evident I wanted to be a feeder , a feeder of purpose , a liver of life and I wanted to share energy more than anything on my journey. For my 40th birthday I was given a Thermo mix this is no promotion but they are awesome. I began buying organic ingredients and making some  of the most amazing vegan foods and people loved the flavour so much  I gained approval to start making my treats and selling them in my store as a sideline Feeding peoples taste buds and knowing that their enjoyment was aligning with longevity, was more the energy I related to and that’s a win !. The Ethical Kitchen was born. 2015  was the beginning of the most beautiful energy  in a changing consumer consciousness as Instagram food pictures began to appear and plastic free, zero waste, vegan, and bulk food stores were becoming popularised. This was MY thing ! I had found what I wanted to do and that was preserve the planet ,inspire people and align with wellness and health from that day forward. When you  build a business and a lifestyle as one, you enjoy time ,and time is all we really have. As an influencer to my children and my community I’m grateful and I never look back on the way the universe has guided me , instincts are truly your magic trust . Listen to them deeply and align with your heart , have the courage to create where there has been destruction and let the fear be a stepping stone for the things that you can become. 

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    Hi Anthea have to cancel appt. for Wed 2nd 1.30 will catch up one day. Cheers Jenny

    January 19, 2022

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