Sisal Soap Holder 'Bass Body Care'

You won't be dropping your soap on the shower floor anymore! The Bass sisal soap holder will exfoliate dry, dead skin, ensuring silky, smooth, healthy skin with minimal effort due to the natural exfoliating fibres. Simply work the pouch in a circular motion, starting with the arms and legs, working towards your heart, along the lymphatic pathways of the body.

Bass Body Care Sisal Soap Holder

  • 100% natural fibres
  • no more slimy soap
  • perfect for all over exfoliation

Get fresh, glowing skin without microbeads or any plastic at all. Made with 100% natural sisal, the fibres are tough enough to give you a good scrub, but soft enough so that it doesn't hurt! Pop your soap into the pouch, run it under water to soften the fibres a bit, then start scrubbing. 

Bass Sisal Soap Holder is perfect for getting the most out of your soap! The pouch assists with lather while minimising the amount of soap used, and can be used to massage in the shower. It's also ideal for travelling.


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