"Chai" Organic Rainbow Spiced Cacao (150g)

"Chai Tea" is a 28 year old, Australian owned company. Located deep in the forest, on a community/land sharing co-operative. They are completely “off the grid”. What this means is that not only is Chai Tea run exclusively on solar power, but so too are the homes of all the members of their team.

Rainbow Chai Spices and Raw Cold Pressed Cacao come together in this 100% Natural and Organic treat. With the high nutritional content of Raw Cacao, Hot Chocolate need never be a guilty pleasure again. Ethically sourced, the cacao comes from family farmers, working to create better livelihoods and sustainable agricultural practices.

  • Raw cacao and Organic spices.
  • Sweetened with low GI coconut nectar
  • Ethically sourced working directly with family farmers



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