Chickpea chips

chickpea flour,yellow pea flour,rice flour,soy bean & or canola oil.tapioca,tumeric,salt and chilli.

They are a cruchy ,light pepper tasting ribbon of deliciousness.We love them with dips like hommus.Sprinkled on top of soups,sprinkled on nachos or in a burrito.

Add therm to a trail mix or try them sprikled with our organic garam masala for a bhuja indian flavour. Nutritional information
MSG Free
No Artificial Colours
No Artificial Flavours Suitable for Coeliacs (gluten
Vegetarian Vegan Organic GMO Free
Average Quantity per: 100g ENERGY (kJ) 2250.0 PROTEIN (g) 14.4 TOTAL FAT (g) 36.8 SATURATED FATS (g) 3.0 CARBOHYDRATES (g) 36.2 SUGAR (g) 1.2 SODIUM (mg) 712.0


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