Ear Candles 'Honeycone'

Honeycone ear candles are a great option for your ears. People have been using ear candles for years. This way of cleaning your ears have been proven very beneficial and effective. This way of cleaning your ear canals is simple and very easy to accomplish. 

These Honeycone ear candles are made by 100% bee wax and unbleached cotton. They are hollow on the inside but that is when the genius design comes in hand.You can place the candle in your ear with the white end out. Once you light the candle, the design helps it create negative pressure and with that negative pressure the candle is able to draw wax and other things that may be harmful to your hearing or ears.

There are options for both adults and kids. 

They are great for an alternative medicine and many people use them on a daily basis. Their benefits are great for everyone and they come from naturally created wax and cotton. 


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