Green Calcium 'Green Nutritionals' 60 Capsules

A unique wholefood source of natural calcium, GreenCALCIUM is an organic marine plant (Lithothamnium calcareum) naturally rich in natural rich in elemental calcium, magnesium and 72 other trace minerals crucial for optimum calcium absorption and bone health.

GreenCALCIUM contains 34% elemental calcium and has a unique porous ‘honeycomb-like’ structure and the large surface area that allows for greater absorption and utilisation of calcium in the body.

What is GreenCALCIUM?

GreenCALCIUM is made using 100% organic Lithothamnium calcareum marine plant from the South West coast of Ireland and the North West coast of Iceland that contains 34% elemental calcium and 72 other trace minerals.

After a five-year life span spent absorbing essential minerals from the Atlantic waters, this calcium-rich plant calcifies naturally and settles on the sea bed from which it is sustainably harvested, taken ashore and washed, dried and crushed.

Nothing else is added.

As only the mature/aged material is harvested - not the live young plant, sustainability is assured.

The Lithothamnium calcareum marine plant regenerates itself continuously, so there is no interference with its renewal process.

GreenCALCIUM is harvested in Ireland and Iceland under strict ISO 9001-2000 certification, is Organic, Kosher and Halal Certified and GRAS Approved. This makes GreenCALCIUM the perfect calcium supplement for all people, including Vegetarians and Vegans.

Unlike inorganic calcium products on the market, GreenCALCIUM offers a range of minerals from a single natural source. This, together with its porous matrix structure giving the material a massive surface area, makes it highly bio-available - in other words the body easily absorbs the nutrients. The spectrum of minerals work in synergy, so the overall health benefits are enhanced.


Although GreenCALCIUM is an excellent source of plant calcium (1 level teaspoon provides over 950mg elemental calcium), it is really a multi-mineral complex. It provides 72 other trace minerals, all contributing to bone health and general well-being.

Minerals such as magnesium and zinc are essential minerals and are present in GreenCALCIUM together with trace minerals such as boron, iodine, selenium and strontium. These minerals are all absorbed naturally by the live marine plant from the clear, cold pollution free, mineral rich Atlantic waters and the presence of these trace minerals in GreenCALCIUM contribute to the high bio-availability of the calcium in our bodies.

Typical Nutritional Analysis

Average Quantity Per 100g Per 2.8g serve
Energy 105kj 3kj
Calories  25 <1
PROTEIN <1g <0.1g
Fat - Total <0.5g <0.01g
- Saturated Fat <0.5g <0.01g
- Carbohydrate <4g <0.01g
- Sugars (as glucose <1g <0.02g
Sodium 425mg 12mg
CALCIUM 34,000mg 952mg
MAGNESIUM 2,500mg 70mg
STRONTUM 195mg 5.4mg
BORON 1.55mg 43mcg
SILICON 102mg 2.8mg
IODINE 3.3mg 92mcg
POTASSIUM 496mg 13.9mg
IRON 67mg 1.9mg
PHOSPHOROUS 23mg 644mcg
SULPHUR 331mg 6.2mg
MANGANESE 2.2mg 62mcg
ZINC 1mg 28mcg
CHROMIUM 97mcg 2.7mcg
SELENIUM 100mcg 2.8mcg
TITANIUM 1mg 28mcg
COPPER 193mcg 5mcg
VANADIUM 1mg 28mcg
57 Plant Trace Minerals (total) 13g 364mg



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