Vegan Ear Candles 'Harmony's Ear Candles'

Harmony's Vegan Ear Candles are made from high quality food grade wax, organic cotton and essential oils. Designed with a Patented Safety Tip and with a Safe Burn line, Harmony's Ear Candles make Ear Candling a breeze

You will need a paper plate, cup of water and matches. Follow the instructions carefully

HARMONY’S EAR CANDLES Vegan Ear Candles Lavender 2 pack.

Reducing stress and obtaining a psychological and emotional balance are critical for optimum health and well-being.  People around the globe seek peace, relaxation and happiness to balance the opposing rigors and stress of everyday life.  People desire and need a feeling of security, peace of mind, and a sense of personal well-being. Many find ear candles to be a useful and beneficial part of their effort to maintain such desired balance.

Ear candles do not cure or treat any disease or illness, but a finely hand-crafted, organic ear candle like Harmony Cone’s could allow the mind, the body and the spirit to achieve a more healthful balance and sense of well-being.

Ingredients: Foodgrade wax, organic cotton muslin, lavender essential oils.

2 Ear Candles.



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