Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Soap 'Niulife' 100g

Handmade from 100% certified organic, fair trade DME® extra virgin coconut oil, lye and rain water, this is the ideal all-round soap. Use it on your body, camping, in the laundry, or as a sailor's soap.

Handmade from the purest, certified organic extra virgin coconut oil that is hand pressed using our unique Direct Micro Expelling (DME®) process. This luxurious rich soap makes an all-natural lather that will leave you feeling clean, refreshed and moisturised.

Free from animal fats, preservatives, palm oil and sodium lauryl sulphate.

Can also be used as a sailors or laundry soap:

  • As a Sailors or Yachtsman's soap it lathers in salt water, yes you can lather up in salt water and even wash your hair
  • Been doing greasy work? This soap will remove grease and dirt with ease like nothing you have seen before and leave your hands fresh.
  • As camping soap it will lather in any hard water including salt water.
  • Makes an excellent laundry soap for stain removal, rub some on the affected area and then lightly scrub it off. Works extremely well for grease stains


INGREDIENTS: Certified organic fair trade DME® extra virgin coconut oil, lye and rain water.


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