Organic dragon fruit powder

Dragon Fruit, is a bright fuchsia conical wonder to the eyes and taste buds! Indigenous to Costa Rica (its white-fleshed cousin native to Mexico), it is an important, sustainable desert crop food.

One of the most beneficial aspects of dragon fruit is its ability to give a serious boost to your body’s defense system. The high levels of vitamin-C that can be found in dragon fruit are one of the strongest assets to your body’s immune system, and they stimulate the activity of other antioxidants in the body as well. They actively seek out and eliminate free radicals, the dangerous by products of cell metabolism, The more vitamin-C, the better! Cardiovascular Health: Dragon fruit is quite the exotic fruit with a number of unique properties, one being that they contain no cholesterol and almost no unhealthy cholesterol-producing fats.



BRIGHTEN IT UP! Add 1 tsp to smoothies, granola, raw desserts, yogurt, juice and anything that could sing in purple hues.

Dragon Fruit Lemonade (10oz glass):
1 tbsp dragon fruit powder
1 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp lemon juice
8 oz water and ice
Dilute dragon fruit powder and sugar with 2 oz of hot water. Stir well to dissolve clumps. Add lemon juice, ice and water. Enjoy!

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