Organic pistachio kernals

Why eat organic pistachios

Vitamin B1, B6, manganese, phosphorous, magnesium and iron are the main vitamin and mineral groups contained in pistachios [1]. A lack of vitamin B affects us mentally, making us more irritable and moody. The body needs vitamin B6 for a well-functioning protein metabolism and iron for enhanced physical and mental performance.

Research has shown that the polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in nuts lower blood cholesterol levels, stabilise blood sugar values, strengthen the vessels, reduce the risk of contracting cancer of the stomach or prostate and suffering heart attacks, and inhibit inflammatory reactions. [2]


Our pistachio kernels with skin not only look attractive, but have a typical very nutty flavour and are first-rate quality. The pistachios are of a whole range of colours, from delicate lilac to a warm green hue.


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