Organic rolled oats


Certified Organic Oats are grown in Australia, are non-GMO and have no added preservatives. Perfect huh! Their seasonally harvested, lightly steamed and rolled in a press. Organic Rolled Oats are full flavoured, nutty, And creamy in texture when Cooked delicious toasted added to granolas muesli is topped with fruits eaten cold or hot oats are a popular favourite in the ethical kitchen. Rolled Oats are a traditional ingredient in porridge, muesli, apple crumble and Anzac biscuits. They can be used in a myriad of ways – from breakfast to desserts, in baked and raw treats, making them a very handy staple in the pantry.



Serving size:                                           50 g

Average Quantity


Per Serving

Average Quantity


Per 100 g




800  kJ


5.3 g

1600 kJ


10.5 g

Fat, total


– saturated


– sugars

4.3 g


0.8 g

30.5 g

0 g

8.5 g


1.5 g

61.0 g

0 g

Sodium 2 mg 3 mg
Dietary fibre 5.35 g 10.7 g


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