Organic Atlantic Dulce

Our Organic Atlantic Fine Kelp is collected from clean, unpolluted waters around Canada, and dried to form this fine Kelp known for its dense nutrient content.

Organic Atlantic Fine Kelp contains the vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E as well as many trace minerals.  Kelp is also high in Iodine, a natural element that is low in many Australians as it is low in our soil and therefore low in the food we eat.

Iodine is essential for maintaining thyroid health, reducing toxicity in the body and improving immune function.  Many studies have shown that babies and children who have learning and problem solving difficulties have been moderately low in Iodine and the leading cause of preventable intellectual disability worldwide is Iodine deficiency.

Cooking with Kelp

Along with its many health benefits, Organic Atlantic Fine Kelp is also suitable to cook with. Dried and ground Bull Kelp has a fresh ocean saltiness and can be used to enhance the flavour and nutritional quality of many of your common dishes

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